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Crop rotation is an important cornerstone of farming organically. The rules of our certifier require that we rotate crops in such a manner as to maintain soil fertility and plant health. The rotation we are presently following is: alfalfa for 3 years, followed by corn for 1 year, soybeans for 1 year, corn again for a year, small grains (oats, rye or barley) for 1 year, and then back to alfalfa.

Maintaining this regime enables us to disrupt insect life cycles, avoiding the need for pesticides. It also helps with the perennial battles with weeds. Correct crop rotation improves soil health and texture, lessens soil erosion, and prevents one crop from exhausting the soil.

Weed control is a relentless battle for all farmers. We control them organically with fieldwork techniques, timing of field preparations, propane burners, and maintaining superior soil fertility. Our most important soil input and our primary nitrogen source is the organic manure from our dairy.

Plowing under cover crops, using chicken manure compost, and adding mined potassium sulfate and mined gypsum, are additional ways of enhancing soil fertility. Micronutrients are also added in accordance with National Organic Standards, along with soil tests and our own Nutrient Management Plan.

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