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In 1997, after feeding our cattle organic feed for an entire year, we were able to sell our milk as certified organic. Our certifier, Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA), is a USDA accredited organic certifying agent. Their review and inspection is required for annual re-certification and ensures the organic integrity of our operation. They demand a paper trail of essentially every input and output that occurs on the farm. The certification process is rigorous but vital in maintaining organic standards. Click on the MOSA or USDA logos below to learn more about organic certification.

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Our milk is marketed through CROPP which is a farmer- owned, producers' cooperative whose headquarters are in LaFarge, Wisconsin. Organic Valley is the brand our milk is labeled under. The co-op has been essential to our success with its stable milk prices, commitment to the family farm and passion for the organic movement. Click on the Organic Valley logo above to learn more.



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